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All Natural Vegan Soap Bars

Remove dirt, oil, and impurities while reinvigorating your skin and senses with our uniquely scented soap bars. 


Eleven one-of-a-kind fragrances each inspired by a themed-room from the Beard and Lady Inn. Breathe in and get transported to the cozy inn in Ozark from the comfort of your home.

Mercantile Gift Shop

At Beard and Lady, we find joy in the simple things. We enjoy vintage toys and games that require just your imagination and some elbow grease for endless fun. We also love collaborating with local creatives to showcase their beautiful work.

Mythical Grooming Collection

Consists of hand-crafted, self-care products inspired by our friends, Rhett & Link, and their curious world of creativity and comedy. Each product is designed to amuse, enthuse, and be used in your daily routine. 

Meet Beard and Lady

Beard and Lady creates personal care and grooming products with unique flavors and scents for people of all walks of life. We use the highest quality packaging and all-natural ingredients to create intriguing and addictive scents that provide life to your skin and hair. We trust you will "Experience the Chemistry".

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Proudly woman-owned and all inclusive brand for everyone

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Harper’s Bazaar | Good Mythical Morning | Token Advice  | Duke Form | SW Times (Times Record) | Do South Mag

Create Your Own Elixirs In Person

Nestled in the Ozark Mountains in the tiny town of Chester, Arkansas, we now offer perfume and salve making at the Apothecary Shop located inside the historic Beard and Lady Inn. 

Come on in and try our products in our brick and mortar mercantile store or stay the night for an adventure of a lifetime.