Notes of Love Non-Profit

Notes of Love is a non-profit lead by Lance and Lacey Hendrix that helps singles and couples have the best love relationship possible through:

Social Events

Notes of Love host events at the Beard and Lady Inn which provide an opportunity for singles and couples to socially have fun like a "date night" and a meal while receiving digestible relationship advice and tools. Events are themed around communication and conflict resolution, affection, romance, and great sex, pornography challenges, discussing role and responsibility expectations, Enneagram and Love Languages, family dynamics, finances, and beliefs/values. 

Book and Resources

A 30 Day Love Note Challenge book with 30 prompts and 30 blank decorative love notes (in development).

Coaching Sessions

Lance and Lacey Hendrix provide individual, couple, or group coaching sessions providing relationship advice and tools to grow and thrive.

Scheduling:  Email requesting more information and follow us on social media to hear about our events. 

Donations Via Check:

To: Notes of Love

Address: 3000 Blackburn Street, Fort Smith, AR 72903

Memo Line: Donation (Life Enrichment Ministries)


Lacey and Lance have been married sixteen years and have been very intentional about their love relationship after a rocky start. They met on Myspace and married in five months after spending only twenty-one days together and then lived their first crazy year of marriage in Cairo, Egypt. After working through many difficulties in their own marriage, they began helping other couples  process, set goals, and work through their relational challenges whether in dating or long-term committed relationships. They provide a safe space to discuss challenges as well as provide education, tools, and resources to grow your love life. 

Ethics: Lance and Lacey are not licensed professionals, so do not provide diagnosis and treatment for past traumas.  Depending on the needs of the single or couple, they may provide a referral to an experienced Licensed Therapist/Psychologist.