Our Story

Lance and Lacey Hendrix

Lance and Lacey Hendrix

Beard and Lady creates personal care and grooming products for men and women with unique flavors and scents which enhance the chemistry of relationships. We own a haunted inn called Beard and Lady Inn which opened in October of 2021 in Chester, Arkansas. 

We thrive on going beyond the surface to have genuine and deep connections and conversations with the people in our lives. We use the highest quality packaging and all-natural ingredients to create intriguing and addictive scents that provide life to your skin and hair.  We trust you will "Experience the Chemistry".

We enjoy creating apothecary inspired elixirs, renovating historic spaces, and selling Middle East and Near East inspired decor.  We started working as a a team after suggesting to our friends Rhett and Link they needed a beard oil and lip balm. We are woman owned and moving full-throttle as we raise three children.