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Our Story

We luvva the beard and we luvva the ladies. We are a husband and wife team who works to create personal care and grooming products with natural ingredients. We live in a farm house on 2 acres just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. We sell these lovely products because we enjoy creating apothecary inspired elixirs.  We started working as a a team after suggesting to our friends at Rhett and Link they needed a beard oil and lip balm. We are now woman owned and are moving full-throttle as we raise 3 children under 6 years of age.

We use the highest quality all-natural ingredients to create intriguing and addictive scents that provide life to your skin and hair.  Our unique bottle demonstrates the quality of our product on the outside. The bottle is reminiscent of whiskey in a vintage decanter, a serum from an old turn of the century apothecary, or a fanciful magical potion or ancient secret elixir. Peel back the wax seal and cork, and let your skin and hair look, feel, and smell great.  We trust you will "Experience the Chemistry".