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Quick question: What do you call the stuff that brings your dry lips back to life? 

Lip Balm?


Lip Gloss?

That small round thing in the pocket of your bag or pocket?

We’re asking this question because wanted to clear some things up in the world of lip revival. 

There are so many options for keeping your lips soft, hydrated and healthy, so we wanted to provide some lip-lessons to explain what the difference between all of those options are. Hopefully, the next time you either run out of your favorite remedy or put it through the washer on accident (we’ve all done it, don’t worry!) you’ll know just what to look for!

Let’s start with the basics: any butter or waxy solid that you use to bring your lips back to life is lip balm.  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines balm as, “an oily substance that has a pleasant smell and that is used for healing, smoothing, or protecting the skin.” 

Put “lip” in front of that definition and there you have the definition and description for that thing you’re always fumbling around your bag or pocket for!

Lip-Lesson Takeaway: the classic/waxy/buttery solid in a tube, tin or container that you apply to your lips is lip balm! There are tinted lip balms that provide a little cosmetic color along with rejuvenation, but products like lipstick and lip gloss are different in that their primary purpose is based on appearance rather than hydration.


So now that you know what lip balm is, let’s talk about the big types, or brands, of lip balms you may have encountered.

Beginning with the big one: Chapstick. Contrary to popular belief, not all lip-hydrating sticks are Chapstick! Chapstick is actually a brand—a type—of lip balm. Many may get confused and mistakenly call their favorite lip balm, Chapstick since the brand has been around since the early 1880s. It’s legacy, however, doesn’t change the fact that the name is just that—a name. Chapstick is a type of lip balm. Chapstick Classic lip balm is made with white petrolatum and other ingredients. 

Lip-Lesson Takeaway: unless you’re using something with that classic “Chapstick” logo, you’re using another type of lip balm! If you want to share why your lip balm of choice is the best, make sure you credit the right company behind it.


Other popular types of lip balm—think EOS, Burt’s Bees, Nivea—are just that. Other types/brands. Every company and person that makes lip balm has their own unique spin to their formula.

Some balms, like Burt’s Bees, have beeswax or other wax-based formulas, and other brands of lip balms have butter or oil-based formulas. While there are many differences between those bases, a few key differences are melting points, the texture and the feel of the balm when applied.




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For Beard and Lady, our lip balms are made from a combination of all-natural beeswax, oils and butters among other natural ingredients. We use all-natural ingredients in our lip balms and other products because we care about what people put on their bodies. Beard and Lady began with a vision to create healthy, quality and great smelling products that don’t come at a high cost. You won’t find an ingredient in our products that is hard to pronounce or has any skepticism. Our products reflect our principles to be honest, natural and wonderful. 


Lip-Lesson Takeaway: try out a few different lip balms to figure out what works best for you…but pay attention to the ingredients. It’s important to use products with healthy ingredients—especially when they’re on your face and so close to your mouth!


There you have it—a few lip-lessons to let you know what to use to bring your dry lips back to life and what to call it. 

Now that (hopefully) the world of lip-hydration is a bit more cleared up, be sure to explore it in order to find the right balm that will keep your smile hydrated, healthy and uniquely yours. Check out our all-natural balms on our website and let us know how they work for your lifestyle.

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Do you know other people who may have their lip-terms confused? Share the knowledge in this video: 


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