Last week, we gave some hair inspiration to ladies looking to change up their hair for the fall season, so, this week, we wanted to extend a similar form of inspiration to all of the men out there looking to freshen up their hair style.

If you or the man in your life is searching for a new look for his hair, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these stylish new fall looks for men’s hair:

Bro-Flow, Braids and Man-Buns

As the weather cools down, gone are the days of needing to keep long, hot hair off of your neck. Let your mane grow, braid it back or throw it in a man-bun for a look that pairs perfectly with any flannel any time.

man bun fall hair


This long on top, short on the bottom look is great for those who want to grow their hair out a bit more, but aren’t quite committed to the bro-flow or man-bun life. The under-cut is clean, professional and sleek-- perfect for achieving all of your goals with style. Don't forget to keep your stylish new hairdo it in place all day with a little Mythical Pomade, too!

under cut fall hair


For the men who want that pumpkin-spice micro-brew to linger a little longer, try growing out the mustache part of your facial hair a bit more than the beard itself. That extra bit of stylish ‘stache will keep your upper lip warm as temps cool down this year. Don’t be afraid to curl it or shape it in a fun way, either.

beard stache fall hair

Full Beard

Speaking of cooler weather, you don’t have to worry about sweating through your beard anymore, so why not grow it out to its full potential? No one said you have to wait until November to put your razors away, so start growing today!

full beard fall hair


Two-Toned Color

If you like the style of the upper-cut, but want to loosen it up make it a bit more fun, add a unique color to the top of the style. Whether you’re a fan of something bright and bold, like blue, or just want something a bit more subtle, like a different shade of brown, two-toning your upper cut is a great way to #ExperienceTheChemistry of trying something fun and new.

two toned fall hair

Source: Pinterest

Whatever style you choose to embrace this fall, make sure you keep it in place with our Mythical Pomade!

Going for a new facial hair look, too? Keep it nourished and strong with our handcrafted, all-natural beard oil.

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