10 Best Unique, Small Gifts to Give During The Holidays

When it comes to holiday shopping, sometimes all you need is something small to give someone to wish them happy holidays or to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect little thing to send an old friend, co-worker or UPS delivery person, anything from this list of 10 unique, small gifts to give during the holidays is sure to put a smile on their face!



1. Reusable Water Bottle

Help save the environment and spread holiday cheer at the same time by giving the gift of a reusable water bottle! Our favorites are the steel or glass bottles, as we try our hardest to omit as much plastic as possible, but any form of reuse helps!

reusable water bottle



2. Bath & Body Products

The holidays are a perfect time for everyone to relax and get off their feet at any moment they can, so help out the people you love by gifting them with soothing bath & body products that can help them take a load off. Think natural soaps, oils and lotions that can be used to pamper and treat the ones in your life that deserve a break.

Beard and Lady bath & body products

Beard and Lady

3. Coffee/Tea

Sometimes, there is truly nothing better than curling up under a blanket with a hot, tasty drink to binge a new series on Netflix! Give the gift of warmth with a flavored coffee or tea set.

tea set

Uncommon Goods

4. Hand-Crafted Mug

The person you’re giving that coffee or tea to is going to need something to put their tasty gift in, so why not make it a unique, handcrafted mug that will let them think of you with every sip they take? This gift could also serve as an opportunity to support local artists...bonus!

handcrafted mug

Uncommon Goods

5. Baked Goods

Your mom’s famous pepperoni bread was famous for a reason: it was baked with awesome flavor and lots of love! Whether it’s pepperoni bread or another homemade specialty, gift some comfort food and love baked in every bite this holiday season with the ones you care about.

baked goods


6. Succulents

If you’re in need of a gift for someone who’s got a bit of a green thumb, how about giving them a little something, well, green! Succulents are a perfect gift to spruce up the office, living room or any other space that could use a little life. One of the best parts about succulents: they’re relatively low maintenance, so almost anyone can take care of them!


The Zen Succulent

7. Essential Oil Diffuser

There’s a reason why spas and other relaxing spaces smell the way they do, and that reason is essential oils. With a unique essential oil diffuser and a few drops of oil, any space can turn into an instant spa or center for relaxation and peace needed after holiday craziness. One of the perks of this gift: some diffusers come with a set of oils!

Essential Oil Diffuser


8. Fun Socks

Question: What keeps you warm, helps express yourself and can be a great conversation starter at any holiday party? Answer: FUN SOCKS. Help someone be bold and #ExperienceTheChemistry of starting a conversation over their cool dinosaur-taco socks you gave them as a holiday gift!

fun socks 

Sock It To Me

9. A Journal

In a digital age, the art of writing things down with a pen or pencil and paper has seemed to escape a lot of people even though it’s been proven to help improve memory, accountability and goal tracking. This holiday season, encourage someone you care about to hold themselves accountable for their goals, happiness and memories by gifting them a classic journal. There are so many fun ones for all sorts of purposes!



10. Spices

As world travelers, this is probably one of our favorite gift ideas. Spices have the ability to transport people to another part of the world and seriously one-up those Buzzfeed Tasty Recipes! Give the gift of flavor this year to the home-chef in your life!


Uncommon Goods

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