It’s so rare to find something that’s naturally blue. In a world of products packed with artificial colors, being able to find something with a natural, beautiful blue color, like our newest elixir made with Blue Tansy, sometimes referred to as Moroccan Chamomile, is like finding a diamond in the rough.

Besides being absolutely stunning, Blue Tansy has so many other incredible benefits for the face, skin and body. Check out these 4 power benefits of Blue Tansy that can be found in our new Tansy Dew Face Oil!


calm blue tansy

Ever wonder why people drink chamomile tea before bed or when they have a headache? It’s because it helps calm the mind and body, reducing stress. When it’s not in tea, Blue Tansy (Moroccan Chamomile) still helps relieve stress when applied to the body.

2. Reduce Redness, Combat Acne

blue tansy

With the help of its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, Blue Tansy helps reduce redness and fight acne. A Bonus: with the redness reduction, Blue Tansy also helps brighten the skin!


3. Anti-Aging, Reduce Under Eye Circles

blue tansy young

Packed with antioxidants, chamomile protects the skin from damage, speeds up the production of cell and tissue regeneration and tightens pores to keep your skin as youthful as your spirit!

4. Combat Pollen Allergies

tansy dew pollen

For those who fear allergy season, the use of Blue Tansy might be the answer to your prayers! The use of Blue Tansy oil around the face and body provides relief during days with a high pollen count.

If this seems like some magic potion to solve some of your troubles, that’s because it is! Stock up on this incredible, naturally blue elixir here.

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