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Everywhere you look, you see hair oils, hair oils, hair oils! From the beard aisle to the cosmetic section, hair oils are all the rage and it has you thinking – should I be using hair oil? The short answer is absolutely.

However, not all hair oils are created equally.  Before you start ransacking your kitchen pantry for natural oils, there are some things you should know!

What is Amla Oil?

With this latest beauty sensation taking the industry by a storm, many companies started selling all sorts of hair oils. From coconut oil to Argan oil, Moroccan oil and more, it can be difficult narrowing in on the ones that work best.

Amla oil is at the top of the list and for many reasons. It comes from an Indian Mala (Gooseberry) tree found in the Middle East and India, and contains the richest source of Vitamin C which keeps your hair healthy and luxurious. It even promotes hair growth and no, you don’t have to take weird pills or eat “magical” gummies. As such, Amla oil is often dubbed as India’s best kept secret. But like most things in life, not all are created equally. The modern world loves to throw preservatives, chemicals, and harsh processes into the mix which essentially depletes the benefits. At Beard and Lady, our Amla hair oil is 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty free. This allows you to reap the full potential of this powerfully effective beauty regime without damaging the world or anything that lives within it.

6 Benefits of Amla Hair Oil

As soon as you discover the benefits of Amla hair oil, you'll quickly see why it's unlike all the rest.

Encourage Natural Hair Growth

We can’t mention the potential to grow your hair longer and stronger without explaining! You've likely seen weird hair growth products all over your Instagram feed lately. People are taking all sorts of weird things to get their hair to grow - gummy bears, weird pills, voodoo concoctions – who knows. This seems absurd because you don’t have to take foreign substances to get longer hair. You just need Amla oil as it has natural hair growth properties.

Effective Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss isn’t just a problem for men. After all those bad dye jobs and harmful hairstyles we all tried out when we were younger, our tresses are looking pretty thin. Amla oil can fix this as it helps prevent hair from falling out by infusing your hair with high contents of Vitamin C which keeps your hair nice and strong, and free from breakage.

Keeping your Hair Deeply Conditioned

Similar to the prior benefit of Amla oil, due to the high amounts of Vitamin C found in natural Amla oil, it works as an amazing hair conditioner that nourishes your strands, top to bottom. When your hair is nourished, it becomes stronger and healthier which allows you to meet all your hair goals.  

Treating Dry Scalp

As the seasons change, so does your scalp. One season, your hair is luscious and glowing and the next, it looks like the snowed… on your scalp. Dandruff and a dry scalp is a problem many women experience due to the fluctuations in air temperature and moisture but some Amla oil can quickly treat the problem as it’s full of anti-dandruff properties.

And the key to luscious, beautiful hair starts at your scalp.

Prevent Signs of Aging

Put down that at-home dye job infused with chemicals. You don’t need to harm your hair just to get rid of those grey spots popping up. Instead, use some Amla hair oil as it’s been shown to prevent greying by infusing your hair with everything it needs to stay healthy, strong and youthful.

There’s no reason to be adding chemicals and harmful toxins into your tresses, as they’ll only cover up your beauty concerns as opposed to getting to the root of them. Use vegan, cruelty-free, natural Amla hair oil to effectively treat your hair concerns by infusing your tresses with everything they need to thrive. Shop Beard and Lady today and try our Amla hair oil in an amazing bottle.

Amla Hair Oil

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