Lance and Lacey

Every company has a story for how they came to be. Ours is pretty long, and we'll tell the whole story in due time. For now, though, we were excited to share the short and fun version with a local news station here in North Carolina.

Check out the story below to learn a little more about how Beard and Lady came to be.


Content originally appeared on WRAL TechWire by Chantal Allam on May 21, 2018

Lance and Lacey Hendrix got the idea for their business sitting around the fire pit one night with friends, Youtube celebrities Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal of “Good Mythical Morning” fame.

“Why not sell high-quality, all-natural grooming products?” Lance, 36, suggested half-jokingly to the well-coifed comic duo, who were already marketing other products like t-shirts and mugs on their website to their huge fan base.

Without even asking her first, Lance volunteered his wife to make them. With no prior business experience, she jumped on board, doing some research and developing a few samples.

Shortly after, the parent company, Beard and Lady, was born. Lacey, 31, set up shop in the kitchen of their farmhouse just outside Raleigh, hand pouring lips balms and other self care products, while producing a separate “Mythical” line of beard oil and lip balm in collaboration with Rhett and Link.

They launched in October 2015. “It took off like wild fire,” said the mother of three. “We planned to sell a few hundred products during the initial launch, and we sold that many before breakfast on the first day. We then received an order for 15,000 lip balms and 3000 beard oils. When asked if we could do this in about two weeks, we just said yes and then hung up the phone and figured it out.”

Last year, the company grossed over $500,000 in sales – with about 60 percent of sales coming from over Amazon. “That has contributed to our growth and exposure,” said Lacey, adding: “Our story is empowering because we didn’t have a business degree or experience. We pitched an idea, figured things out, and got things done quickly.

She also credits some of their success to teaming up with YouTube influencers. “We spent zero upfront in marketing costs,” she said. “YouTubers are millennial’s celebrities. I think we will see a lot more of them marketing their own products. We happen to be one of the first ones to make that fit,” she said.

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