Have you ever stopped for a second to just think about how amazing your friends or the people around you are? It’s always warms our hearts and souls to hear and see what great things our friends are accomplishing and going through in life.


One of the things we’re always excited to hear about is what our friends Rhett and Link are up to.


You might have heard of them through their YouTube show, Good Mythical Morning, or you might have seen their products on our site.


For those of you who haven’t heard about 'Good Mythical Morning' or who don’t quite know our pals, let us fill you in.

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'Good Mythical Morning' is a fun variety and talk show hosted by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. These two incredible humans talk about and try almost everything (if they can stomach it) in the name of science.


From seeing if things can be turned into nachos to seeing how random items hold up in chlorinated water over time, check out this clip to get an idea of what our pals do every weekday for their 14 million+ subscribers: So now that you know what 'Good Mythical Morning' is, you might be wondering why we make lip balms, pomade, a fragrance and a beard oil for them. As our mythical friends would say, “Let’s talk about that!”


We actually met Rhett and Link years ago, before they got big on YouTube, and quickly became close friends. As time went on, their show got bigger and they moved out to Los Angeles, we always stayed in touch and became a couple of really proud friends who happened to make personal care products, like soaps, at home for our family… until one night.


A few years ago, Rhett and Link were back in North Carolina to visit and were hanging around a campfire with Lance and some other bearded friends while the women chatted in the house.


While the guys were outside, Rhett started talking about some beard oil product that wasn’t working well for him. That got Lance thinking about how Lacey had the skills and knowledge to possibly make something that would work for him, since she was already making some great products for the family.


That thought quickly turned into action as Lance told Rhett that Lacey could make him the perfect beard oil!


After the guys celebrated the idea over the fire, they came inside to tell Lacey about their idea. While she was a bit hesitant at first, words of confidence from Rhett and Lance led her to set out on a journey to create Rhett’s Beard Oil.


Rhett couldn’t be the only one to have a cool, custom product, though. So, Lacey reached out to Link and asked what he’d want. After saying that he uses lip balm everyday, Link’s Peculiarly Perfect Peanut Butter Peppermint Lip Balm was created.


Those two products, inspired by our mythical friends Rhett and Link, were our initial flagship products and started our journey to grow Beard and Lady. Your friends aren’t only the people you sit around a campfire with or call to catch up. Your friends are the people that inspire, motivate and encourage you to be the best you can be (or “be your mythical best,” as our pals would say).


We’re always excited to see Rhett and Link doing what they love on a new episode of Good Mythical Morning every week day, and we’re constantly thankful to have them in our lives as inspirations, motivators and the closest of friends.


Always remember to take a moment to #ExperienceTheChemistry of friendship by calling, writing or sending positive thoughts to all of the wonderful pals in your life. Here’s to friendship, inspiration, chemistry and being your mythical best!

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