Do you know what’s an interesting word? Pomade.

If you think about it, it kind of sounds like it should probably be some kind of pomegranate lemonade, don't you think? But in case you didn’t know, it’s actually a wonderful hair product.

Pomade is actually French word for a, “greasy, waxy or a water-based substance that is used to style hair,” according to Wikipedia. In the 19th century, its main ingredient was actually bear fat!

Now-a-days, though, the bear fat is gone and different pomades have so many unique ingredients and scents to stand apart from each other.

For example, our Mythical Pomade is water-based, which means that if you style your hair and want to change it up a bit, all you have to do is wet your hands and run them through your hair to re-style. Our pomade doesn’t have much of a scent, either, so it doesn’t clash with any other products you may use.

So, now that you know what pomade is, let us tell you how men and women can benefit from it. Between our Unisex Fragrance, Mythical No. 9 and our Mythical Pomade, we're like to be there for everyone and anyone who wants to use our products, no matter how they identify.

For the fellas, rub a small dollop of pomade between your hands, then run your hands through your hair and style to your desired look. It’s that simple!

For the ladies, think of pomade as a solid, more sustainable form of hairspray. Pomade keeps a hold like hairspray...that’s why so many men use it to keep their hair styled all day. If you’re wearing your hair curly, rub a dollop between your hands and scrunch your hair or lightly run your pomade covered hands through your locks. If you’re wearing your hair straight, or want to tame a few fly-aways, rub a tiny bit of pomade between your hands, then lightly run your hands over and through your hair.

The really cool thing about pomade, is that it acts just like a hairspray, but doesn’t contain the extra chemicals needed in an aerosol can. Our pomade is actually made at a solar-powered plant in the United States!

We’d love to hear how you use pomade to style your hair. Share your unique styles or tips on social media and tag us @beardandlady and don't forget to #ExperienceTheChemistry!

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