Sometimes, it feels like each morning we wake up to a new headline glorifying the next health food trend. They sound something along the lines of, “Matcha can give you an afternoon boost that makes espresso look like water!”

Or, “Eating one tablespoon of chia seeds a day will help you drop 30 lbs!”

With each passing day, a new superfood is found that replaces the other, some have actual benefits, and some only claim to have benefits like the examples above.


With all of the buzz that these trends create, some people try to predict the next superfood trend. They're always on the hunt for the next trend that will surely surpass turmeric or even açaí.


Our guess? Amla. And we really think this one is here to stay.

amla Indian gooseberry

Amla is a fruit that is commonly referred to as Indian gooseberry. While it is very popular in Asia, it is quite uncommon in the United States. Amla is hailed as being one of the most antioxidant-rich foods on Earth. In studies, amla has been found to help treat diabetes, stress, and even cancer. Researchers attribute its superpowers to its high content of Vitamin C.


Amla can be consumed in many forms. If you are looking to incorporate it into your diet, then you have a couple of choices: Amla can be consumed whole, in a powder, or in capsules. The taste has been known to be sour, so it’s good to mix it with other foods, like in a smoothie.

Another reason why Amla is so great, is because it can be used for many different purposes. If you want to try Amla, but not in your diet, it also has cosmetic uses.


For example, Amla is great for using on your hair because it enriches hair growth and hair pigmentation. The berries can be mashed into a mask that is then applied to the hair or made into an oil that can be used everyday. Amla is rich in carotene which is why it is so good for your hair and hair growth.

amla hair oil

Pretty fascinating stuff, right? Just like that, you are an expert on (and hopefully a trendsetter for) the next greatest superfood trend. We’ve been on Team Amla for a while now, since we’ve been using it in our products from the very start! We use it in our hair oil alongside grapefruit seed extract and essential oils.


Now that you’ve gotten a bit more information on the wonderful uses and benefits of amla, we encourage you to do some more research on the topic and invest in some amla for yourself! Whether it be in powdered form or our hair oil, you can trust that this super-fruit will make you feel amazing from the inside out!


Leave us a comment below to share how you currently or hope to incorporate amla in your life.

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