Storytelling is an activity that is forever embedded in our society. From childhood onward, our daily lives are flooded with stories, whether they be bedtime stories, local newspaper articles or a Facebook Video. The act of telling stories dates back to ancient times. In fact, the exact date of the first story ever told is still unknown.


Stories have transformed from cautionary tales to entertaining narratives—they have rotated from oral tellings to being transcribed on pages for millions to read. Stories are the way that we connect with each other—they are a way to communicate universal principles and feelings. We relate with certain stories because we identify with their message. They become a fixture in our life: the plots memorized, certain paragraphs committed to memory and characters transformed into close friends. One of our favorite stories is the story of how our company started.

It sounds cliché but it all began around a campfire one night:

Lance was hanging out with Rhett and some other bearded friends talking about beard oil. At the time, Lance was a newbie to the beard world and the others were veterans—however, none of them were satisfied with their grooming products.

Trying to gather as much beard information as possible, Lance asked what they liked and didn’t like about the products they were using. After hearing their pro/con lists, Lance volunteered Lacey to make an all-natural product they’d be sure to love.

At the time, Lacey was already making her own personal care products for the family, so Lance believed she would be able to expand her hand-crafted talents to their friends as well.

While at first, Lacey didn’t think it was a good idea, Lance and Rhett encouraged her that she could make something that would be truly unique and perfect, so she ended up taking on the challenge.

After some trial and error and asking Link what he’d like to be made on his behalf-- seeing that he wasn’t rocking a beard like Rhett’s at the time-- Rhett’s Beard Oil and Link’s Peculiarly Peanut Butter Peppermint Lip Balm were created.

The two products were a hit with Rhett, Link and everyone else that tried just like that, Beard and Lady was created.

beard and lady

We officially launched in 2015, but that was just the first chapter of our story as we've been growing since. Since Beard and Lady was born from sharing stories with friends and loved ones, we like to encourage storytelling between ourselves and every person we come into contact with.

Whether you get excited when someone asks you about the unique glass bottle of beard oil on display in your bathroom or when someone comments on how good you smell while you’re wearing Mythical No. 9, we want to hear your stories about how you connect with others with a little help from our products. Share them with us in the comments below or on social media!

Stories have been a part of human culture for centuries, and they will be for centuries more, so take a little bit of time every day to read, listen, tell or write a story of your own to share with the world-- someone is always there to listen and connect with them.

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