Dear Bearded Friends,


In these times of high praise and awareness for self-care and self-appreciation, you can’t forget to take care of your beard. That’s why you might have heard of beard oil before even clicking the link to this story.  Who knows, maybe you’ve even tried it.


As creators and advocates of some quality beard-care products, we assumed that everyone knew how awesome beard oil is and how it can help make every beard look and feel as great as the person sporting it.


Then we realized that we shouldn’t assume things. Especially beard-related things.


After meeting a few bearded folks in person and through social media, we learned that—believe it or not—a lot of people in the bearded community don’t know how to use beard oil or what its benefits are.


So, we’re going to tell you the benefits of beard oil and then explain how to use it. Right now. In listicle-style, because it’s easy and quick to read so you can up your self-care and beard game immediately.


Benefits of Beard Oil

  1. It makes your beard look better. We don’t need to explain it. Just look at these before and after pictures, courtesy of Reddit user digipengi.

reddit beard oil

  1. It makes your beard softer. You don’t need to be walking around with a porcupine on your face, but possibly more importantly, your significant other doesn’t want to be cuddling up on your porcupine face. Beard oil softens those bristly hairs and makes your beard softer for everybody. Use beard oil for yourself. Use beard oil for your significant other. Use beard oil for the world.
  2. It keeps your beard and face healthy. This is probably the biggest benefit of all…and that’s saying something, because the other benefits are already pretty great. A lot of people who are rockin’ some awesome facial hair may experience dryness of the hair and skin beneath it, causing flakes and itchiness. Beard oil helps eliminate that by hydrating your skin and facial hair with the necessary nutrients it needs to keep everything balanced and fresh.
  3. It makes your beard smell good. At least our beard oil does. Yes, this is a shameless plug to tell you that if you want to try some beard oil, try some that has all of the benefits, smells great and doesn’t hurt your wallet. We have two different oils—Beard and Lady Beard Oil and Rhett’s Beard Oil. You can click here to check them out or find the links to them at the end of this post.


Now that you’re convinced (hopefully) that beard oil is what you need to take care of that awesome facial hair of yours, here’s how to use it.


How to Use Beard Oil

  1. Pour an amount the size of a pea in your hand. A little bit goes a long way with oil. You can always add more if you need it.
  2. Rub your hands together. This gets that nice smelling oil on both hands that you will use to…
  3. Massage oil on hands into your beard. Run those hands through those facial locks from the base of your beard to the ends.
  4. Shape or sculpt to your desired style. Now things are on you. Braid your beard, trim it, leave it natural…style and go about the rest of your day knowing you and your beard are happy and healthy.


That’s it, folks. Those are the amazing, yet simple benefits of beard oil and the quick and easy guide to how to use it.


Go forth and do great, bearded things. You’ll thank yourself (and so will your significant other…goodbye porcupine!).


Here are the links to our two beard oils that will allow you to #ExperienceTheChemistry of what a good beard should look and feel like. Try one-- or both-- to keep that beard game strong.

Click here to check out Beard and Lady Beard Oil.

Click here to check out Rhett’s Beard Oil.


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