You can do a lot of things on the internet… but one thing you can’t do is smell things.


That makes online shopping for certain things-- like fragrances-- pretty difficult. We think that’s kind of a bummer.


There is one way, though, to at least get a sense, or better idea, of what certain things smell like before you hit that Add To Cart button. That way is simply reading or asking people who have already tried those things their thoughts and opinions.


While it’s definitely not the same as smelling for yourself, asking and hearing someone else’s opinion is definitely the next best thing.


As creators of quality crafted elixirs that smell absolutely incredible, we have nothing but amazing things to say about our unisex fragrance Mythical No. 9. We made it with all genders in mind. We made it with our Mythical friends Rhett and Link. We made it from our hearts (and noses!). Mythical No. 9 is a light, yet woodsy, combination of tree bark, blood orange, amber resin and patchouli.


To help give you a better sense of what Mythical smells like, check out these thoughts and opinions about our Unisex Fragrance from people who have tried it before:

Still hesitating to make the leap and buy a full bottle of Mythical No. 9? It’s okay. We understand, no hard feelings! But, just so you know, you can order a tester of it for only $2 at our online store to smell it for yourself, #ExperienceTheChemistry and then make the jump to buy a full bottle.


  • Zinha said:

    I just got my samples on Monday and this scent is perfection. I never want to smell like anything else, please never stop making this scent.

    Also this would be amazing as a lotion, shampoo and body wash set! Talk to Rhett and Link (and if you make this, gimmie a little credit? Haha or maybe a free little basket of the stuff? I’m too broke to buy any of this stuff (everything has to go to bills and rent right now, I don’t even have phone service anymore) but I’ve been a long time lover of their content and products and I’m positive the lotion, body wash, and shampoo in that scent would sell crazy fast.

    September 04, 2018

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