Do you ever get a strong sense of pride whenever you make something yourself? Whether you're building something with instructions, like an Ikea table, or you're flying completely solo, research explains that when you pour your heart, soul and time into a project, the final product has a higher personal value than something you just picked out of a line on a shelf.


That's one reason why we're literally hands on in the production of all of our products. Every Beard and Lady product is not only made with all-natural ingredients, but they're also infused with our natural inspiration, curiosity, thought and care. We pour our heart, soul and time into our products because we want everyone that comes into contact with them to feel proud about what they're experiencing. 

We believe that when people choose to use products that are hand-crafted, they can experience the same feeling of pride as the people behind those products themselves.


To allow you to understand just how much care we put into our products, we wanted to show you how our hair oil is made-- from start to finish.


Step One: Setting Up

We gather up all of our natural ingredients, tools and packaging in one convenient location.

hair oil bottle


Step Two: Combine and Mix

Now that everything is all set up, it's time to get started. We use custom measurements and mixtures of all-natural oils and scents to create a nourishing hair oil that's perfect for anyone.

 hair oil mix


Step Three: Fill the Bottles

After our custom elixir is perfectly blended, it's poured into glass bottles that don't need to be hidden away in a medicine cabinet. We chose to use these bottles to allow their new owners to take pride in what they own. These aren't just your generic bottles to go in your cabinet or in a drawer. They're uniquely beautiful, just like you, so you don't have the need to hide them away.

 hair oil fill


Step Four: Apply the Cork

Like our unique bottles, we didn't want to have an uninspiring and non-unique way to wrap up your hair care process. You won't close our bottles with a piece of plastic, but you'll close the top with a strong, but delicate looking cork. Not only does the cork function well, but it stands out as something beautifully different than everything else...again, just like you.

 hair oil cork


Step Five: Seal It All Up

Before you get to that cork, you'll encounter a dark reddish-pink wax encompassing the top of the bottle. Each of our hair oil bottles are hand-dipped in this wax to firmly seal the top of the bottle and allow you to experience an overwhelming feeling of joy when you open your oil for the first time.


You know the feeling you have right before you open a wrapped up gift? The one where you're just so excited to know what's inside? That's the glorious feeling we want to give you when you open our hair oil.

hair oil wax 


Step Six: Labeling

You'll notice each of our products is labeled with our beautiful Beard and Lady on the front and the directions for use and list of our all-natural ingredients on the back. These sleek labels were created by our incredibly talented designer to match the elegance of the bottle and the product inside. Because so much care went into the creation of the labels themselves, we want to make sure just as much care goes into the process of applying them to the bottle.

 hair oil label


Step Seven: Your Experience

Here's where you come into play. When your oil is delivered to your mailbox or front door, you get to experience every bit of hand-crafted joy that went into the very thing you're holding in your hand. 


Now is the time for you to excitedly peel back the wax, like a present from a friend, uncork the bottle to release an aroma of beautiful fragrance and care, pour the oil into your hands and run the product through your hair, allowing you to feel pride in every strand knowing that this oil was made with you-- a beautiful, unique and thoughtful individual-- in mind.

beautiful natural hair 

(Source: Allef Vinicius)


We'd love to hear your stories about products you've taken pride in building. We'd also love to see your beautiful hair and personality, like the photo above! Share with us in the comments below or message us on any of our social media pages to be featured on our Instagram.

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