Some people have certain features that identify them as an extraordinary person. Whether they’re a favorite pair of old sneakers, a pair of funky glasses or a cool hairstyle…these features help define who we are as individuals.

For Ted Terry, the youngest elected mayor of Clarkston, Georgia, one of his identifying features was his beard.


Mayor Ted could be spotted a mile away from his distinct beard, nick-named the “Flavor Saver” and the “Resistance Beard.” Check it out:

ted terry queer eye
(Source: @tedterry1 Instagram)


The long, unruly beard and the need for a little more structure in Ted’s life motivated his girlfriend, Andrea (nicknamed the Mayoress of Clarkston), to nominate him for a lifestyle makeover by Netflix’s Queer Eye cast.


For those not familiar with the Netflix show or the Fab Five, Queer Eye is a show where five gay men—the Fab Five—travel to a new city to give a five-fold lifestyle makeover to someone who was nominated by friends, family members, co-workers or people in the community.


After reviewing Ted’s case, the Fab Five piled into their American flag adorned pick-up truck and drove from Atlanta, Georgia to Clarkston to help Ted lead a bit more structured and clean lifestyle. Check out Ted and his unruly beard in the first few seconds of this trailer: 


During the week the Fab Five spent in Clarkston, Karamo Brown helped Ted polish his public speaking, Tan France re-structured and freshened up the mayor’s closet, Antoni Porowski showed Ted a few new recipes that would be perfect for a dinner party and Bobby Berk gave Ted’s home a mini-makeover suitable for a young professional.


One of the biggest makeovers Ted received though, was for his hair and beard, courtesy of Jonathan Van Ness.

ted terry jonathan van ness queer eye

(Source: Courtesy of Netflix)


In previous episodes, whenever the show’s spotlight individual has a beard, Jonathan always explains that beard oil is necessary to maintain healthy and clean facial hair. For Ted’s unique beard, this would have been great advice! But when Jonathan went to work his grooming magic, he ended up shaving Ted’s un-groomed beard completely off.


While some loved the clean-shaven mayor, those on #TeamBeard missed the “Flavor Saver” to an extent. As supporters of the bearded lifestyle, we were sad to see one of Ted’s unique defining features go.


No need to worry, though. Fast forward to today and Ted Terry is once again rockin’ his beard…but this time, it’s nourished and well-kept with the help of some of our beard oil.




While we weren’t a fan of Jonathan’s decision to get rid of Ted’s beard, we’re a huge fan of his lessons to others on the show to use beard oil and pomade to get their look under control.


For those looking to get their beard under control without reaching for the clippers, our all-natural beard oil can be your answer.


Still need a little more convincing? Check out Ted's before and after side-by-side:

ted terry beard oil queer eye


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