The Fourth of July is a day dedicated to celebrating America’s independence—a day that is often filled with barbeque, quality time with friends and family, and, of course, fireworks.

 fourth of july independence day

While you’re celebrating this true American holiday, it’s also important to remember the men and women who made this day and celebration possible. Taking a quick peek back at history, we’ve noticed some pretty important people rocking some pretty important beards. For example, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln-- two of the strongest icons in American history due to their triumphs, fearlessness and their hair!


George Washington served as the first president of the United States. Many remember him as a man with unwavering values and great hair. However, unlike many of his successors, Washington’s hair was completely real, and he never wore a wig. In fact, Washington had an extensive routine in order to obtain his infamous locks.

george washington president hair

While his hair was real, the white color was not, meaning he had to apply white powder to his head until he achieved the desired appearance. Likewise, Washington chose to keep his hair long so that he could maneuver it into several fashions. Who knew the first president was a hair stylist, too!?


Washington’s hair routine was incredible, but the only thing missing was our all-natural hair oil to keep those powdered locks healthy and moisturized! Granted, we didn’t exist back in 1700s, but even today, we share the same attention to detail and values that Washington possessed all those centuries ago.


Another past president with some prominent hair we want to highlight this Independence Day is Abraham Lincoln. Honest Abe is known for his tremendous strides during his presidency, being the face on the penny, and for his signature beard.

abraham lincoln beard president

Did you know, though, that Lincoln almost didn’t grow his iconic facial hair? Before running for president, Lincoln got a letter in the mail from a young girl urging him to grow a beard. She argued that a beard would make women love him more and therefore encourage their husbands to vote for him. At first, Lincoln thought the idea was a bit silly, but apparently gave it a second thought as he eventually grew his beard and never looked back.


While there are no records on Lincoln’s beard care, we would definitely have suggested for him to try our all-natural beard oil to keep that presidential beard looking moisturized and fresh...had we existed back then, of course! Since our beard oil is made with the most honest, natural ingredients, it would have made the perfect elixir for Honest Abe.


So, amid the countless hot dogs, fireworks and smiles that will be on display today for all to enjoy this Fourth of July, try to reflect on the people that built the foundation of this country-- that built the land for you to live a healthy, happy life on.


The best way to do that? Take care of yourself with our all-natural products, produced and manufactured here in the USA and share your Independence Day traditions and stories with us on social media @beardandlady!

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