Ah the internet-- a place where you can connect with your family and friends, no matter where they are, and buy your favorite things with the click of a button. 


One of the best uses of the internet, though? Memes. 

Whether you need a good laugh, are looking for something fun to attach at the bottom of an email or have some time to kill, memes are there for you. 


We're there for you too, especially today. Why? Because today is the day we share some of the best beard memes to brighten your day-- no matter the occasion.

Without further ado, let the memes begin!


Do you have a beard? Do people trust you with their secrets? You must be a mythical mystery just like Dumbledore.

dumbledore harry potter beard secret

(source: pinterest)


Do you sometimes have a hard time hearing? It could be all that majestic hair on your face absorbing sound. Is it worth it? You decide.

majestic beard

(source: pinterest)


You know what? No matter what your genetics are, we applaud anyone's ability to grow their desired facial hair (as long as they're taming it, of course)! A beard is a beard, no matter how small.

friend beard

(source: jokohok)


Awesomeness. Facial hair. Whatever you call it, rock what you got with pride and care.

awesomeness beard facial hair

(source: tumblr)


Guys, come on. Your beard can look (and smell) its best in your mind and in reality with a little bit of beard oil and the right shape.

beard style

(source: imgflip)


Clean plate club? Try clean beard club. Anyone who can finish their meal with a clean beard deserves an award...or this meme.

hagrid harry potter beard

(source: me.me)


When it comes to caring for the beard...Bropunzel seems to have a solid routine! 

bropunzel beard

(source: memeguy)


That's all the memes we have for now. Let us know which one is your favorite or create your own and send it to us on twitter @beardandlady using #BeardMemes to get your meme added to this blog post!

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