Good news, everyone... ABC’s “This Is Us” is coming back into our lives with a new season!

Even though we cry at least once every episode, “This Is Us” is one of our favorite shows for many reasons:

It’s all about family. We love a good family show.

The acting is some of the best we’ve ever seen.

The soundtrack is absolutely incredible.

One of the other big reasons why this NBC masterpiece is on the top of our watch list is because they’re able to take us from one decade to the next through one simple thing we hold near and dear to our hearts: facial hair. Jack’s facial hair, specifically.

It seems like there’s at least one flashback in every episode of the show, and you only need to look at what kind of facial hair Jack Pearson, played by the talented Milo Ventimiglia, is sporting to know what specific point in time you’ve been flashed-back to.

NBC This Is Us Season 3 Cast

Source: NBC

The actor’s facial hair even seems to have taken on an identity and fan base of itself, whether it’s in full beard or solo mustache mode... and understandably so! Something that has the ability to transport people to a different time, like a specific wardrobe or style, deserves a standing ovation.

To jog your memory of Ventimiglia’s fantastic facial hair and help you see the incredible evolution of facial hair throughout the decades, check out this visual timeline of Jack’s face fuzz throughout NBC’s “This Is Us.”


Let’s start with pre-Big Three...when Jack and Rebecca were Experiencing the Chemistry of just being together and starting their lives as a couple. Jack was sporting a burly beard to match the complete, yet wild, feeling of his and Rebecca’s young love. With a beard like that, no wonder Rebecca kept falling even more in love with the soon to be father of 3!

This Is Us NBC Jack Pearson

Source: NBC



The Big Three were introduced into Jack and Rebecca’s life, and Jack wanted to be the best role model to his kids...starting with proper facial hair care. As Jack began setting an example for his kids in more ways than one, his care and attention to keeping a well-groomed beard set an example to bearded men everywhere. After all, nothing says super-dad and husband more than a properly groomed beard with some quality beard oil.

NBC This Is Us Jack Pearson

Source: NBC


We said a sad goodbye to the beard when we entered the 90s in “This Is Us”, but there was no need to completely worry as Jack still managed to keep one of the most impressive mustaches we’ve ever seen (plus a little bit of stubble). The solo-stache gave Jack Pearson a more serious, cleaned up look that reflected his serious attempt to quit bad habits and establish himself as a trustworthy husband and father.

NBC This Is Us Jack Pearson

Source: NBC

LATE 1990s-2000s: THE GOATEE

It seems like Jack began missing that incredible beard of his when he went full dad-stache, so a few years later, we see a part of the beard come back in the form of a full goatee. Rock what you got, Jack, and remember that the beard will always be there for you.

NBC This Is Us Jack Pearson

Source: NBC

We hope you enjoyed your journey through the decades with us, courtesy of Milo Ventimiglia’s facial hair in "This Is Us." If you’re a fan of the show and see a Jack Pearson Facial Hair appearance in Season 3, be sure to snap a picture of it and share it with us on social media @beardandlady!

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