As fall starts to creep back into our lives, it’s bringing back all of the things we love about the season: gorgeous scenery, warm drinks, cool sweaters and gathering with friends to cheer on our favorite sports teams.


While we’re not really dedicated to any specific team, we still love any opportunity to get together with friends, have a great time and eat some awesome food.


Because we’re not really focused on who’s winning or losing the game, though, we’ve come to observe something else when it comes to American Football: a lot of NFL players are rocking some seriously incredible beards.


Don’t they get in the way of their helmets, though? Don’t they get sweaty when the players are running down the field? Do they serve as another form of facial padding when they get tackled?


While we can’t answer those questions, we can tell you who has the best beard in the National Football League.


In no particular order, here’s our list of the NFL players with the best beard game this season:


Eric Weddle

Baltimore Ravens, Free Safety

Even though he shaved his beard, it turns out that while he still had it, Weddle’s beard was a bit of a mythical beast itself. He told the Baltimore Sun that his beard, ‘“kind of grew into this mythical being in itself.”’ Shoutout to all of the Mythical Beasts representing in the NFL. Here’s to hoping Weddle gains some of his mythicality back this season.

Baker Mayfield

Cleveland Browns, Quarterback

Mayfield may be a rookie on the field, but his beard sure isn’t! Maybe his strong beard can bring a little extra strength to the Browns this year.

Baker Mayfield NFL beard Browns


Odell Beckham Jr.

New York Giants, Wide Receiver

While you might be able to recognize Beckham without his helmet on from his bright blonde curls, we recognize him for his awesome beard.

odell beckham jr nfl beard giants


Clay Matthews

Green Bay Packers, Linebacker

Matthews doesn’t always sport a beard, but when he does, it’s absolutely righteous. The man may not play for the Vikings, but he sure looks like one with his long blonde hair, awesome beard and massive stature.


Jason Kelce

Philadelphia Eagles, Center

We’re not saying Kelce’s beard helped the Eagles win the Super Bowl last year, but we are saying that you should never underestimate the powers of a great beard.

jason kelce beard nfl eagles


Ryan Fitzpatrick

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Quarterback

Fitzpatrick began his NFL career after being the quarterback for Harvard. He was actually Harvard’ first QB to rush over 1,000 yards in school history. That man and that beard must have some serious brains and talent.

ryan fitzpatrick nfl beard buccaneers

Deandre Levy

Free Agent

Even though Levy might not know where he’ll be this year, his beard sure does! That prominent beard is permanently signed to his face, in case you were wondering.

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